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Find a person background check and address history in our directory. Get  a birth date, discover assets Investigative Professional Detective Search Tools 

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How many of us have wanted to find old friends, relatives, classmates, adoption history, a person's background, criminal records, property and other information about people? 

Our people finder record searches are significantly less expensive than hiring a private investigator who may charge thousands of dollars without promising results. 

One search can report:

  • Recent address
  • 30 year address history
  • Phone numbers
  • PO Box
  • Alias names
  • Date of birth
  • Bankruptcy
  • Judgment
  • Liens
  • Executives
  • DEA records
  • Professsional licenses
  • Marriage
  • Divorce
  • Death
  • Prison
  • Military
  • Campaign contributions
  • Sex offender
  • Relatives
  • Friends
  • associates
  • property assets
  • Boat records
  • Auto records
  • Criminal
  • Business reports 
  • Unclaimed property
  • Email address
  • Charity records

We are a licensed company providing a wide selection of personal reports allowing you to search people for personal records. You can search one or all types of records with a single records search. Find published, unpublished telephone numbers, neighbors, current and previous occupants at the address. Locate alias names, change of names, date of birth. 

Discover possible associates and relatives. Reveal PO Box addresses, 20 year historical previous address details with occupancy dates, phone numbers, asset details of real property occupied, place of business, business background. 

View bankruptcy records, judgment records, lien records, marriage records, divorce records. Find sex offender, prison records, military records. Initiate your investigation with just one search ! Need to know if a doctor has a valid DEA license number (Drug Enforcement Agency) ?

Are you considering buying a vehicle? Or maybe you need to confirm the identity of the person you just met. Get the owner information on a car or truck by providing the license tag number. You can also find the vehicle's repair history. 

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What sort of public information can I expect to find?
You can expect to find specific information about people’s financial situation including debts and bankruptcies, marriage and obituaries details and genealogy. In addition, our files contain sensitive documents, dates and information about criminal and business backgrounds, family, birth and death and much more. Furthermore, it’s not restricted to just you or the immediate family. Public Records also extends to relatives, family, friends and neighbours.

What types of Public Records Database are available?
Public records refers to information filed or recorded by public agencies. Public records are created by branches at both the federal and state level,( immigration, property, driving, criminal etc.) or by citizens (magazine subscriptions, voter registration, etc.). Most essential public records are maintained by government agencies and are held either physically in-house or accessible over the internet and are available to the public either free-of-charge or for an administrative fee. The degree of availability is determined by federal, state, and municipal regulations.

Your can search all Public Records, including but not restricted to: court and criminal, birth and death, business and bankruptcy, marriage and divorce, military, missing persons, naturalization and immigration and sex offenders. Even search for celebrities!

Can my searches be traced back?
No. Your searches are completely discreet and leave no trail behind. Privacy is our number one concern and we deliver it without fault.

Can I search my own public records?
Yes! You’ll gain access to personal records you never thought existed and were available on the Internet! Fast and efficient, take advantage of the best public records website around!

Access to public records in the United States l is governed by the Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) at the Federal level. For its part, each state has its own version of the FOIA. The degree to which each state cooperate with one another in terms of accessing public records ranges from the open in New York to the restrictive in Pennsylvania.

Do you need the Social Security numbers of the people you're investigating? How much information do you need to find someone?

The more information you have to start with, the greater the chance of success. Often, you can start with nothing more than a name.

Can I get someone's Social Security number with your information?

No. Acquiring someone's social security number is the first step to being able to steal their entire identity. In order to protect you, it is therefore very difficult to get social security numbers, unless you happen to work in law enforcement.

Our services do allow you to do verifications of SS numbers. With this tool, you can verify the existence of a given SS number.

Will anyone know if I'm investigating them?

Simply, no.



We are a licensed company performing many types of public record searches for large, small employers and private individuals. Please read the descriptions of our many services listed below. If you would like to know more about searching for people and data, read "How to Find People Guide"

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